7 Best Ways of Speeding Up Your USCIS Immigration Case 

So, you have successfully submitted an immigration petition to USCIS, expecting your petition to be processed promptly.

Unfortunately, you are met with frustrating case processing delays, making you constantly track the progress of your USCIS case status.

With immigration-related petitions taking months and sometimes years to be adjudicated by USCIS, most applicants might wonder if there are ways of processing their petitions faster.

In this article, you’ll learn the seven best ways of speeding up your USCIS immigration case, with a mix of free and paid options.

Submitting Comprehensive Petitions

Admittedly, filing an immigration petition is complicated and could result in omitting important information or supporting documents.

Multiple forms usually need to be completed for each filing category, which increases the likelihood of making a mistake.

Furthermore, these forms have expiration dates that could be easily overlooked when submitting your petition, possibly causing your immigration case to be rejected.

Common pitfalls that could result in the delay or rejection of your immigration petition include:

  • Inexact filing fees – either underpayment or overpayment
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Inaccurate passport photographs
  • Submitting passport photographs that have been used on other immigration petitions
  • Missing hand signatures on immigration forms

Thoroughly reviewing your application forms and supporting documents can’t be overemphasized. Taking the time to do this early in the application process significantly reduces the chances of receiving a Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS, which could further delay the processing of your petition by several weeks or months.

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Speed Up Your USCIS Immigration Case by Responding To An RFE Promptly

While the chances of receiving a Request for Evidence from USCIS can be reduced, they can’t be eliminated. Nevertheless, if you receive an RFE from USCIS, you should send a response as quickly as possible.

In an RFE notice, USCIS would explicitly describe the issue with your petition and what needs to be done to remedy it.

You would also be given a period – typically 60 days – to respond. You must provide all the requested evidence listed in your RFE simultaneously. Failure to do so could result in your petition getting rejected. 

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Paying for Premium Processing

For certain immigrant petitions, USCIS provides expedited processing within 15 calendar days.

However, this expedited service can cost as much as $2500, excluding all other filing fees required for your submitted petition.

The premium processing service can be requested during or after the submission of your petition. 

Speeding Up Your USCIS Immigration Case with an Online Case Inquiry

Applicants experiencing delays that fall outside the current processing time of the service center where their applications were submitted can submit a case inquiry using the USCIS website.

You can learn how to check and track the current processing time of your USCIS service center in this USCIS tool

Upon submitting your service request, USCIS will provide an email response within 21 calendar days describing any issues with your case and how the problems may be resolved.

You should note that applicants can only submit one case inquiry within a 30-day window. 

A USCIS email response to your case inquiry should describe any issues with your immigration case and how those issues could be resolved.

While sending an online inquiry may not guarantee that your petition will be expedited, it is an effective way of getting the attention of USCIS.

Furthermore, you receive more insight on the status of your case compared to what is shown on the USCIS case tracking tool. 

Speeding Up Your USCIS Immigration Case with an Expedite Request

Under qualifying circumstances, USCIS could adjudicate a petition faster than the normal processing time. These circumstances include:

  • Severe monetary loss to a person or company
  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Compelling U.S. government interests
  • An error caused by USCIS

An extended delay in processing your immigration petition does not warrant expedited treatment.

To succeed with your expedite request, you must provide sufficient documentation to validate your reasons for an expedited. 

For example, suppose your reason for an expedite is due to personal monetary loss. In that case, you may want to include bank statements, overdue bills, and or eviction notices as evidence that you’re facing dire financial circumstances.   

How to Make an Expedite Request

STEP 1: Obtain a Receipt Notice from USCIS

You must provide the Receipt Number written on your Form I-797C Notice of Action. Without this number, you will be unable to request an expedite.

STEP 2: Call the USCIS Contact Center

You can request expedited processing by calling USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 (or 1-800-767-1833 for TTY disability call). During this call you should ask to speak with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 officer, not a USCIS customer service rep. This officer will create and forward a service request to the office with jurisdiction over your petition. 

STEP 3: Obtain a Service Request Number

After creating the service request, you should receive an email with a Request Number for your expedited service. This number is used to track the status of your expedite request only. 

STEP 4: Submit Documentation

The reviewing officer may request that you provide documentation to support your expedite request.

These documents will typically be sent via email. Upon reviewing your request for expedited service, USCIS will decide whether to move your petition number to the front of the queue.

If successful, your petition will be adjudicated much faster than the current processing time.

Speed Up Your Immigration Case With Help From Your Congressman

Your Congressman can help speed up your immigration case with USCIS, as USCIS is one of several U.S. federal agencies under the direct oversight of the U.S. Congress.

You can find the contact information of the members of Congress representing your district using your residential address or zip code. In most cases, getting help could be done by visiting the office of your Congressman’s website instead of scheduling an in-office appointment with the Congressman. 

For your Congressman’s office to assist you with USCIS, you must provide written consent electronically or through fax/mail.

Once this consent is received, your Congressman’s office will contact USCIS to determine if there are any issues with your immigration case. They would also guide you in resolving any problems with your case.

Filing a Writ of Mandamus

A writ of Mandamus could be the ultimate way of speeding up your immigration case with USCIS.

It is a lawsuit filed in federal court where you ask the judge to make USCIS adjudicate your case quickly. As it is a lawsuit, you must be represented by an attorney and may incur legal fees. 

Chat with an Immigration Attorney


While case processing delays are far too common when dealing with USCIS, you don’t need to wait for USCIS to take action on your case idly.

Pursuing a combination of these methods will, at minimum, get the attention of USCIS, which brings you closer to obtaining an adjudication on your immigration case.

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DISCLAIMER: This blog post is written for general information and is NOT legal advice. The information presented in this article and elsewhere on this site should not be construed as formal legal advice. If you need legal advice, you may contact a licensed attorney. 

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